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LAUREL (22) Built in 1806, Bridport.
Wrecked in 1813.

  • 1807 Capt. J. C. WOOLCOMBE, to Cape of Good Hope.
    In September 1808 LAUREL was watching the harbour at Port Louis in Mauritius and trying to identify a French warship there.
    The enemy left the port on the 15th. and they found that she was the frigate CANONNIERE, Capt. Bourayne, armed with forty-four 24-pounders against LAUREL's twenty-two 9-pounders.
    For ninety minutes the two ships exchanged fire, the French, as usual, firing high until LAUREL's rigging was completely destroyed.
    Although her losses were insignificant and she had inflicted considerable damage to the enemy's hull, LAUREL was unable to manoeuvre and Capt. WOOLCOMBE was forced to surrender with 5 men killed and 14 wounded.
    CANONNIERE's casualties numbered 180.
    LAUREL was recaptured on 12 April 1810 off Ile de Rhe as the ESPERANCE by Capt. Alex KERR in UNICORN. She was armed en flute, commanded by a lieutenant de vaisseau, and with a valuable cargo of colonial produce from Mauritius. She was taken back into the Royal Navy and renamed LAURESTINUS.

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