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LAURA (10) Cutter Built in 1805, Bermuda.
Taken in 1812.

  • February 1807 Lieut. J. R.R.
    WEBB, Channel.
  • 1807 Lieut. Robert YETTS, Channel Leeward Is.
    In company with BALABOU on the morning of 4 August, some 16 miles north of Torbago, he fell in with and captured after a running fight of several hours, the French letter of marque RHONE, a fine copper-bottomed brig of about 90 tons. She mounted six long 6-pounders and carried 26 men commanded by Francis Goureu.
    Ten days out from Martinique and bound for the Orinoco, she had taken nothing.
    The enemy had two killed and five wounded, there were no British losses.
  • 1811 Lieut. Charles Newton HUNTER, Leeward Is.
    LAURA engaged a large French brig off the Delaware river on 8 September 1812. She was the privateer DILIGENTE and not only outgunned the British vessel but also had more than twice the number of men.
    After an exchange of fire for an hour both HUNTER and the only other officer, midshipman John GRIFFITH, were wounded, and 13 others in the crew were either killed or wounded so there was little resistance when the French boarded.
    When HUNTER faced his court martial at Halifax the fact that DILIGENTE had 19 killed and wounded showed that he had made as spirited a defence as was possible and he was cleared of responsibility for her loss.
  • LAURA became the American letter of marque HEBE, John Picarere, master, and was captured by STAG and UNICORN in April 1813.

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