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LATONA (38) Built in 1781, Limehouse.
Hospital ship in 1813.

  • In June 1793 she retook the COMMERCE, Prober, from Charleston to Bristol, which had been taken by the TIGRE privateer of St. Malo. She also recaptured the JAMES, from Plymouth to Limerick, which had also been taken by a privateer.
  • 1797 Capt. John BLIGH.
  • 1798 Capt. SOTHERON.
    In 1798 Vice Ad. WALDEGRAVE issued new instructions that merchant ships were to be properly equipped before they would be afforded convoy protection.
    The proof that these were necessary was shown when LATONA's convoy from St. John's to Portugal was delayed while masters completed the complement of their sails.
    In 1800 she was serving in the North Sea.
    About 30 miles east of Flamborough Head on 5 April 1800 LATONA captured the French privateer lugger VIRGINIE (14) of Dunkirk.
    Commanded by Aubin Sevry with a crew of 53 men she had made no captures since leaving Calais 5 days previously.
  • 1801 With the Baltic fleet.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Deptford.
  • 1805 Capt. Thomas Le Marchant GOSSELIN, 09/1804, in command of the off-shore squadron off Brest until he removed to AUDACIOUS in February 1806.
    On 22 October 1805 LATONA captured the Spanish privateer AMPHION of 12 guns and 70 men
  • 1806 Capt. James Athol WOOD.
    After serving for some time in the Channel LATONA was ordered to convoy a fleet to Jamaica. She formed part of the squadron under Capt. Charles BRISBANE at the capture of Curacao on 1 January 1807.
    ARETHUSA, LATONA, ANSON and FISGARD arrived off the island with no orders to attack but Capt. BRISBANE led them in to anchor under the fortifications of Fort Amsterdam and Fort Republique and opened up with a cannonade which threw the Dutch into confusion.
    Mr GRINT, master's mate of LATONA boarded the Dutch frigate HATSLAR which had called for quarter, but her colours were foul so Capt. BRISBANE took the opportunity of getting on board to pull down the enemy's colours with his own hand.
    The boats of the squadron were ordered to land and they took possession of Fort Amsterdam.
    The Governor of Curacao, accompanied by a lady, then arrived in a boat under LATONA's stern and was directed to Capt. BRISBANE ashore where the surrender of the other forts was agreed.
    The entire British loss was only four seamen killed and fourteen wounded.
    BRIBANE and WOOD were knighted and presented with gold medals
  • Cat.
    WOOD was then entrusted by Sir Alex.
    COCHRANE with the blockade of the Danish Islands which surrendered at the end of 1807.
    He removed to CAPTAIN.
  • 1809 Capt. Hugh PIGOT.
    He commanded the blockading squadron off Guadeloupe.
    On 10 February LATONA gave chase to a French frigate, the JUNON, in the vicinity of the Virgin Islands but, before he could catch up with her, she was brought to action by Capt. SCOTT in HORATIO (38).
    JUNON, having lost her fore and mizzen masts surrendered a few minutes after LATONA arrived.
    LATONA had six men slightly wounded and lost her four-mast two minutes after the firing had ceased.
    JUNON lost 130 killed and wounded. She had been first sighted by ASP and SUPERIEURE and the latter sloop had chased her in to the hands of Capt. SCOTT.
    LATONA was not included in the medals which were awarded in 1849 for the action.
    JUNON was recaptured by the French in December 1809.
  • On 14 April POMPEE, NEPTUNE, LATONA, CASTOR and RECRUIT gave chase to three French ships which had escaped from the Lower Saintes.
    On the afternoon of the 15th. they lost sight of NEPTUNE but one of the enemy ships was only about 3 miles off.
    At nightfall they were some 27 miles south of Porto Rico and at half past three AM
    LATONA managed to to get within range and opened an exchange of fire.
    The enemy ship, in yawing to bring his guns to bear, enabled POMPEE to come up and, after an hour and a quarter, when POMPEE was nearly unmanageable and the enemy totally so, she surrendered.
    The captured ship was the HAUTPOULT of 74 guns.
  • On 18 June LATONA captured the FELICITE, pierced for 42 guns, but having only 14 of her main-deckers mounted, with a complement of 174 men. She had left Guadeloupe accompanied by another frigate and was bound for France with a cargo of sugar and coffee.
  • 1811 Capt. Charles SOTHEBY, Lisbon.
    Armed en flute.
  • 1812 Capt. Hon. Robert RODNEY.
    On 18 August 1812 orders were sent down to Spithead for LATONA and FOX to sail as soon as the wind permitted and take the small Marine battalion embarked to lie off Cape Machichaco under Sir Home POPHAM's orders.
  • 1813 Capt. Andrew SMITH, 11/1813, flagship of Rear Ad. W. Johnstone HOPE at

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