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LARK (14) Hired lugger No details.
  • 1800 J. H. WILSON, North Sea.
    On the 19 April 1800 Capt. WILSON, following orders from Vice-Ad. DICKSON, sailed from Yarmouth and took up station off the Vlie Passage.
    At the entrance he discovered a French privateer cutter in shore of him and they exchanged a few shots before the enemy ran himself ashore.
  • On the 25th. he engaged another French privateer cutter who ran on shore on Vlie Island where, after an hour, her men got ashore under the protection of about 100 troops which had gathered there.
    WILSON sent his small boat to get her off and, when they were troubled by musket fire, his large boat to clear the soldiers from behind a sand bank.
    The cutter proved to be the IMPREGNABLE, armed with twelve 3-pounders and two 9-pounders.
    Sixty men were on board at the start of the engagement.
    LARK suffered no casualties although her hull and rigging were damaged.

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