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LANCASTER (64) Built in 1797, Rotherhithe.
Broken up in 1832.

  • Capt. John WELLS, 01/1797.
    With Admiral DUNCAN at Yarmouth.
    LANCASTER was involved in the mutiny which started at Spithead in April and spread to the Nore and Yarmouth in the summer, but redeemed herself four months later.
    Vice Ad. de Winter sailed from the Texel on 9 October, with 15 sail-of-the-line and 10 frigates, and the same day the hired cutter SPECULATOR appeared off Yarmouth sands with the signal for the enemy being at sea. She was followed by the ACTIVE and VESTAL cutters with more information, and Ad. DUNCAN sailed immediately, on a fresh north-east wind, with 16 sail-of-the-line, including LANCASTER, and 3 frigates.
  • On the morning of the 11th. the two fleets sighted each other; the honour went to the captain of CIRCE who had climbed to his main-top.
    The Dutch were about five miles off shore between Egmont and Camperdown.
    Ad. DUNCAN realised he had no time to form his ships into line of battle so, after a series of confusing signals, he kept the signal for close action flying and left it to his captains.
    BELLIQUEUX, LANCASTER and ISIS attacked the leading Dutch ships, LANCASTER being first opposed to the BESCHERMER (56).
    Later she was to move down the line to assist TRIUMPH and VETERAN.
    Just before 4 o'clock the Dutch Admiral surrendered and the action ended.
    De Winter came on board DUNCAN's VENERABLE leaving 58 dead and 98 wounded on board his flagship VRIJHEID.
    Eleven Dutch ships surrendered.
    The British ships and their prizes made their way back home on 17 October.
  • 1799 Vice Ad. Sir Roger CURTIS hoisted his flag in April as C-in-C at the Cape, Capt. LARCOM, 05/1799.
    Cape of Good Hope.
    The admiral shifted his flag to the storm damaged JUPITER in November 1800 and ordered LANCASTER, ADAMANT and RATTLESNAKE to cruise off Mauritius.
  • 1805 Capt. William FOTHERGILL, East Indies.
    In February 1807 she was in Rear Ad. STIRLING's squadron off Monte Video.
  • 1808 Out of commission at Chatham.

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