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LADY CHARLOTTE (14) Hired brig No details.
  • On 17 December orders arrived at Plymouth for the LADY CHARLOTTE to prepare for foreign service. She sailed for Falmouth on the 23rd.
  • 1800 Lieut. HALLIDAY, Channel.
  • He was employed escorting convoys and carrying dispatches for the squadron off Brest.
    He left Admiral GARDNER's squadron on 15 February with the Lady DUNCAN lugger and they arrived in Plymouth on the 17th.
    On the 27th. she escorted a convoy to the westward and on 25 March she and EURYDICE sailed on a cruise.
  • 1801 Lieut. George MORRIS, Channel.
    Eighteen miles S. S.E.
    of Start Point on the 11 February he gave chase to lugger to leeward and, after two hours came up with and captured her. She proved to be the ESPOIR, mounting two brass 4-pounders and four iron 2-pounders and with 23 men, and two days out of Cherbourg.
    Because it was blowing a gale he was unable to transfer his prisoners so he escorted his prize into Plymouth.
  • When a signal was made at Portland for an enemy off the coast in the early morning of 20 April, LADY CHARLOTTE and the hired cutter SHEERNESS weighed from Weymouth Roads and they stood to the southward where a schooner, the SOKER of Colchester, had been taken by a privateer.
    Lieut. TALBOT of SHEERNESS sent off his mate, Mr James BELLARD, in the gig and the schooner was retaken near Alderney.
    The privateer, a lugger named LE PREFECT DE LA MANCHE, armed with sixteen 2-pounders and commanded by Capt. Le Froment, was captured by SHEERNESS after a long chase between Start Point and Portland, since LADY CHARLOTTE was unable reach her, but her boats did recapture three brigs and a sloop, a coastal convoy taken as prizes by the privateer.
    These had been sailing from Chester and Liverpool to London with lead ore.
    Mr Artey of the brig VIGILANT, a prisoner on the lugger, was unfortunately killed by a spent 6-pound shot from SHEERNESS during the chase and another Englishman was wounded.
    Lieut. MORRIS took the privateer into Plymouth on 12 April.
  • The PETIT PIRATE of four guns, a French privateer prize to LADY CHARLOTTE was sent into Plymouth on 27 April and on 2 October Lieut. MORRIS sent into Plymouth a Danish brig AMMEOTTA, Capt. Muslion, from Riga taking flax to Ferrol.
    After examination she was soon set free and proceeded on her voyage.
  • LADY CHARLOTTE was paid off at Plymouth on 4 November 1801 and Lieut. MORRIS was promoted to commander in April 1802.
    (During the Napoleonic wars he served in PENGUIN, ELK and MAGNET)

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