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LACEDAEMONIAN (38) Built in 1812, Portsmouth.
Broken up in 1822.

  • At the end of 1812 she was fitting out at Portsmouth for the North American station and Capt. Samuel JACKSON, 12/1812, was her first commander.
    On 5 October 1814 LACEDAEMONIAN's boats, under Lieut. Richard Stovin MAW, attacked a convoy passing between Cumberland and Jekyll Islands and captured an American gunvessel and four merchantmen, one of which was burnt, killing one man, wounding four others and driving more overboard.
    Lieut. Howes of the Royal Marines, Mr CHICHESTER, midshipman, and two men were wounded.
  • Capt. JACKSON with a squadron under his orders was employed for several months watching ports and rivers between Cape Fear and Amelia Island.
    He was sent up the Chesapeake and retook an East India ship recently captured by the Americans.
    LACEDAEMONIAN returned to Portsmouth on 4 June 1815 and was not re-commissioned again.

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