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KITE (18) Brig Built in 1795, Deptford (built of fir).
Sold in 1805.

  • 1795 M. MALBON, 07/1795.
  • 1796 W. BROWN, 03/1796.
  • 1799 C. LYDIARD, 01/1799 North Sea.
  • 1803 Philip PIPPON, North Sea.
    KITE arrived in Portsmouth on 10 January 1803 bringing men from the Downs to man the DONNEGAL and during the next fortnight she had to send 22 of her crew to Haslar hospital with fever they had caught from them. During the following few weeks there was great activity to prepare the fleet for war after the big demobilisation following the Peace of Amiens the previous year and on the evening of 14 March, along with DRYAD to Cork, APOLLO to Dublin and MORGIANA to Lymington, KITE sailed for Yarmouth with press-warrants to get seamen there.
  • On 29 May 1803 KITE took the Dutch ship MINERVA and on 13-15 September she took part in an attack on Granville by Sir James SAUMAREZ in CERBERUS with the SULPHUR and TERROR bombs and the CHARWELL and CARTERET cutters. KITE and CHARWELL silenced nine French gunboats which were attacking CERBERUS when she was grounded on a sand bank for over three hours.

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