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KINGFISHER (18) Built in 1782, Rochester. Eighteen 6-pounders and a complement of 120 men.
Wrecked in 1798.

  • 1794 Thomas Le Marchant GOSSELYN.
    KINGFISHER was attached to Lord HOWE's fleet on the memorable 1 June 1794. She spent the rest of the year cruising in the North Sea.
    Cdr. GOSSELYN was promoted in July 1795.
  • 1797 John BLIGH, coast of Portugal.
    He captured the French privateer GENERAL (18) but only mounting 14 guns.
    He was promoted in April and succeeded by John MAITLAND from TRANSFER.
    On 1 July the crew of the FINGFISHER mutinied. Capt. MAITLAND drew his sword and, supported by his first lieutenant, John PILFOLD, his other officers and the royal marines, rushed among the mutineers, several of whom were killed or wounded in the affray. The rest of the crew were reduced to obedience.
    Earl ST. VINCENT was so impressed that he immediately posted him into the SAN NICHOLAS, one of the Spanish prizes in the Tagus. The Admiralty confirmed the promotion the following month.
    The commander-in-chief was afterwards in the habit of recommending "Doctor Maitland's recipe for mutineers" to the rest of his fleet.
  • 1798 Capt. PIERREPONT (Charles Herbert, Earl MANVERS), who was 19 years old.
    On 8 January 1798 he captured the French privateer ship BETSEY of 16 guns and 118 men, 9 of whom were killed or wounded. KINGFISHER had only one man wounded.
    When the prize money was distributed the KINGFISHER's crew subscribed 50 pounds to buy a sword for the first lieutenant, Frederick MAITLAND. KINGFISHER also captured the LYNX (10) the AVANTIVIA FEROLINA (1), and the ESPOIR (2).
    He was promoted into the SPARTIATE, one of NELSON's prizes from Aboukir Bay.
    then in Lisbon.
  • A few days later, on 3 December, while KINGFISHER was proceeding to sea under the command of Lieut. MAITLAND, she was wrecked on the bar at the mouth of the Tagus.
    A court martial at Gibraltar cleared Lieut. MAITLAND of blame for the loss.

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