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KENT (74) Built in 1798, Blackwall.
Hulk in 1856.

  • 1798 Capt. W. HOPE, 02/1798.
  • 1800 Yarmouth, Flagship of Ad. Lord DUNCAN.
  • 1801 Capt. HOPE, Mediterranean. KENT lost one seaman killed and two wounded on 21 March 1801 while serving on shore under the orders of Capt. Sir W. Sidney SMITH in Egypt.
  • In August 1801 Capt. Alexander COCHRANE was about to lead a squadron of sloops into Alexandria when a signal was made from the PORT MAHON that Lieut. WITHERS of KENT had surveyed the western channel so completely that he was capable of leading the squadron into port. Lieut. WITHERS had earlier been sent in the KENT's barge to assist in the blockade of Fort Marabout and had taken with him a lead line and compass and was so able to discover the approach which was unknown to the rest of the squadron. his action enabled the British army under Sir Eyre Coote to approach the town.
  • 1803 Capt. Edward 0'BRYEN, flagship of Rear Ad. Sir R. BICKERTON, Malta.
  • 1804 Capt. Pulteney MALCOLM, He sailed out to the Mediterranean in command of the ROYAL SOVEREIGN, removed to KENT and in the summer removed again to RENOWN.
  • 1805 Fitting out at Chatham. Capt. Henry GARRETT, 09/1805.
  • 1807 Capt. T. ROGERS, off Rochefort - Mediterranean.
  • 1807 with Lord COLLINGWOOD in the Dardanelles.
  • On 31 August she was surveying the port of Skiros, while SEAHORSE examined Porto Trio in Paros, to see if either of them were suitable for sheltering the squadron.
  • Oct. 1811 Ditto, Portsmouth.
  • 1812 Ditto, Mediterranean.
  • 1814 Out of commission at Plymouth
  • 1829 Capt. John Ferris DEVONSHIRE, 01/1827, guard ship in the Hamoaze.
  • 1830 Capt. Samuel PYM, 07/1830, Mediterranean.
  • 1832 Out of commission at Plymouth.

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