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GUADALOUPE (28) 6th rate Built in 1763, Plymouth Dockyard.
Scuttled in 1781 but recovered by the Americans.

  • Originally ordered to be built at Milford in 1757 but transferred to Plymouth Dockyard in June 1758.
    Finally launched 5 December 1763.
  • 1764 Capt. Hon. John RUTHVEN, removed from the TERPSICHORE frigate into GUADALOUPE on the Lisbon and Mediterranean station.
  • 1767 Capt. Hon. William CORNWALLIS, Mediterranean, where he remained for the customary three years.
    In the general election of 1768 he was chosen M. P.
    for the borough of Eye, in Suffolk.
  • 1778 Capt. Hugh ROBINSON, the only frigate with the fleet of 13 ships of the line which sailed for New York on 9 June under the command of Vice Ad. John BYRON.
    They had a bad passage, during the night of 3 July the squadron was dispersed by a heavy gale from the north and only PRINCESS ROYAL, INVINCIBLE, CULLODEN and GUADALOUPE were left with the admiral.
    On the 21st. CULLODEN and GUADALOUPE bore away for St. John's, Newfoundland, where they arrived in a badly crippled condition.
    BYRON arrived alone off Long Island on 18 August to find a French squadron there repairing gale damage and barring his entrance to New York, so he sailed for Halifax.
  • 1781 With Vice Ad. Marriot ARBUTHNOT's squadron in a partial action with des Touches's squadron about 14 leagues off Cape Henry on 16 March.
    ARBUTHNOT failed to make a signal for close action and his three leading ships were badly crippled before the rest could join them, so he was unable to pursue when the French bore up and ran to leeward.
    The next day the squadron anchored in Lynnhaven Bay to repair the damage it had sustained.
    The losses were 30 men killed and 73 wounded.
  • GUADALOUPE and LOYALIST (18) Cdr. LAUGHANE were chased off Cape Henry by GLORIEUX (74) and DILIGENTE (26), on 30 July.
    LOYALIST was captured, but GUADALOUPE escaped into the York River.
    In October GUADALOUPE was off Yorktown where Lieut. Gen. Cornwallis was besieged by Washington and Rochambeau on land and de Grasse's fleet in the Chesapeake.
    The French and American batteries fired red hot balls at the ships in the York river and GUADALOUPE, CHARON (44) Capt. SYMONDS, FOWEY (24) Capt. Aplin, and VULCAN, Cdr. PALMER were set on fire on 10 October.
    GUADALOUPE was scuttled, but raised by the Americans who handed her over to the French. She remained in French service until 1794.
    Cornwallis surrendered on 18 October, the day before a fleet under Ad. GRAVES with more than 7,000 troops sailed from New York to relieve him.
    Nearly 6,000 troops and 1,500 seamen, who had been manning naval guns in the batteries, fell into enemy hands.

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