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GUADALOUPE (16) Sloop The French LE NISUS cut out by the boats of THETIS, ACHATES, ATTENTIVE and BACCHUS at Guadaloupe on 12 December 1809.
Sold in 1814.

  • She was armed with fourteen 24-pounder carronades and two long long sixes.
    Her complement was 102 officers, men and boys.
  • 1810 Joseph Swabey TETLEY, Mediterranean.
    0ff the Cap de Creux on 27 June 1811, TETLEY discovered two strange sail to leeward which proved to be the French brig TACTIQUE, with sixteen 24-pounder carronades and at least 150 men and boys, and the xebec GUEPE of two long 8-pounders, six small carronades and about 70 men.
    In the action which followed the French brig poured her starboard broadside into GUADALOUPE which, passing under the enemy's stern, returned it with interest.
    The enemy then attempted to board GUADALOUPE but they were repulsed with heavy losses.
    After exchanging broadsides with the British brig for another forty-five minutes TACTIQUE followed GUEPE to the shelter of two shore batteries at Port Vendres some two miles away.
    On GUADALOUPE one man was killed and the first Lieutenant, Mr WHITE and 9 men severely wounded.
    The French losses were said to be 11 killed and 48 wounded.
  • Capt. TETLEY was then appointed temporarily to the command of the PERLEN frigate in which, after a chase of 13 hours, he captured the French privateer schooner SYRENE off Cape Blanco, Mallorca, on 24 October 1811. She was pierced for twelve guns but only mounted six, had a complement of 61 men and was on her first cruise eight days out of Livorno.
  • 1812 Arthur STOWE, (promoted from lieutenant)

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