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GUACHAPIN (16) GUET-APENS in some reports. Taken from the French in 1802.
Wrecked in 1811.

  • 1801 Samuel BUTCHER, Leeward Is.
    At daylight on the morning of 17 August 1801 GUACHAPIN encountered a larger Spanish warship, mounting eighteen 32 and 12-pounders, between Martinique and St. Lucia.
    HEUREUX was in the vicinity and her Capt. BLAND hastened to give his assistance but before he could come up the Spaniard surrendered to her smaller opponent. She was the letter of marque TERESA, commanded by a naval officer with 120 men.
    GUACHAPIN had three men killed and three wounded in the two hour action.
    Capt. BUTCHER took his prize to an anchorage at Martinique.
    He was promoted to post captain April 1802.
  • 1802 Kenneth M'KENZIE Leeward Is. She assisted in the capture of Tobago and St. Lucia in 1803 and in the expedition against Surinam the following year.
    At the end of April 1804 Brig. Gen. Maitland effected a landing at Warappa Creek, about 30 miles to the eastward of the Surinam River, under the superintendence of Capt. SHIPLEY of HIPPOMENES.
    He was assisted by Capt. MACKENZIE who, finding that baffling winds were preventing GUACHAPIN from getting up, had abandoned her 150 miles to leeward and continued in his boats with 50 men to assist the army.
    When preparations were made for the squadron and the army to attack fort Amsterdam the Dutch commandant thought it proper to surrender.
    In May Capt. MACKENZIE was appointed to HIPPOMENES.
  • 1806 Lieut. Uriah GOODWIN, Antigua.
  • 1808 Ditto, Leeward Is.
  • 1811 Lieut. G. B. WINLACK.
    Lieut. Michael JENKINS, Leeward Is.
    On 29 July 1811 GUACHAPIN was driven ashore during a hurricane at Antigua and bilged.
    The crew were saved and the hull was later salvaged and sold.

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