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GRENADA (10) The French privateer L'HARMONIE taken in 1803 and presented by Grenada in 1804.
  • 1805 Lieut. John BARKER.
    He was some six miles west of Union Is.
    in the Grenadines when he sighted and chased a strange sail to the south west.
    After a few shots and two or three volleys of musketry he captured the French privateer schooner INTREPID armed with four 6 pounders and carrying 62 men. She had been fitted out at Cayenne and had taken no prizes in her 12 days at sea.
  • On 15 February 1806 GRENADA was twelve miles west of the Pearl Rock, Martinique, when she gave chase to a French schooner.
    Lieut. BARKER was at a disadvantage due to being to leeward with the smoke from the guns taking what wind there was from his sails however, after an action spread out over four and a half hours the Frenchman struck his colours.
    The enemy was the letter of marque PRINCESS MURAT with 52 men bound for St. Domingo from Martinique. She was armed with two 42-pounders and one 9-pounder which could all be brought to bear at the same time.
    The heavy showers of grape and canister from the two big guns did GRENADA considerable damage; both top-masts were disabled, the main boom shot away and the sails cut to pieces, but he R only casualties were Mr ATKINS, the master, who was severely wounded, and one boy, who died a few hours later.
    The enemy had three men killed and seven wounded, her masts were so damaged that they both fell overboard on the night of the 16th.
    Lieut. BARKER's other officers included Mr MALONE, sub-lieutenant, and Mr BRIGGS, midshipman.
    A party of the 60th. regiment acted as marines.
    He took his prize into St. Georges Bay, Grenada, on the 18th.
  • Lieut. BARKER gave chase to a strange sail off St. George's, Grenada, on 27 November 1806.
    After about four hours he came up with and captured the French privateer sloop TIGRE mounting two 6-pounders and with a crew of 26 men. She had only taken a mail boat in the 15 days she had been out of Guadeloupe but had done much damage to the trade of St. Vincent and St. Lucia on previous voyages.

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