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GRANICUS (36) Built in 1813, Limehouse (built of yellow pine).
Sold in 1817.

  • 1813 Capt. William Furlong WISE, Nore.
  • 1814 Ditto, Mediterranean.
    On 2 December 1814 he captured the American privateer LEO of 6 guns and 76 men near Cape Spartel.
  • Capt. WISE was reappointed to GRANICUS in October 1815 and on 27 August 1816 she took part in the bombardment of Algiers.
    The demands on the Dey called for the abolition of Christian slavery and the release of all Christian slaves; the repayment of ransom money paid for Neapolitan and Sardinian slaves and the release of the British consul and the officers and boat's crews of PROMETHEUS which had been detained on the 16th.
  • GRANICUS, HEBRUS and the other smaller vessels had not been allocated stations, instead they were expected to fit in gaps between the line-of-battle ships.
    HEBRUS was becalmed by the heavy cannonade and had to anchor out of the line but, although he could see practically nothing through the dense smoke, Capt. WISE managed to anchor GRANICUS in little more than her own length between SUPERB and QUEEN CHARLOTTE.
    GRANICUS had her masts and yards damaged and she lost 16 killed and 42 wounded.
  • The officers killed were Messrs. William Morgan and W. Renfrey, lieutenants Royal Marines and Mr R. PRATT, midshipman.
    the wounded including Lieut. Henry Augustus PERKINS and Messrs. Lewis Dunbar MITCHELL, Lewis Tobias JONES, George Ross GLENNIE and Dacres Furlong WISE, midshipmen.
    Mr GLENNIE, who was 18 years old died on the 27th.
    In an exchange of correspondence the ship's company of SUPERB hoped that if they ever again went into action they would have GRANICUS to support them.

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