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GOREE (18) FAVORITE of 1794, renamed after being recaptured from the French in 1807.
  • FAVORITE was recaptured by Captain Thomas COCHRANE in JASON (32) some 26 miles off the Soramine river, Guiana, on 28 January 1807 and he placed Lieut. HOFFMAN in temporary command of her in the Leeward Is.
    Her carronades had been replaced by sixteen long 6-pounders on the main deck.
  • She was then renamed GOREE, armed with sixteen 24-pounder carronades, six 12-pounders and two long sixes, and Joseph SPEAR removed from NIMROD to become her captain with a complement of 120 officers, men and boys.
  • On the morning of 22 April 1808 in Grande Bourg Bay at Marie Galante (captured on 2 March 1808) he discovered two brigs in the south-east standing northward.
    Getting no answer to his private signal he gave chase and at 10 AM the strangers shortened sail and hoisted French colours.
    They commenced action with one on each side of GOREE firing to cripple her aloft.
    At the end of an hour they made off when another brig was seen approaching leaving GOREE with one man killed and four wounded.
    During the action SPEAR felt a blow on his shoulder and found that the helmsman, an American, standing behind him had torn off his epaulette saying " I saw a Frenchman in their fore-top levelling a musket at you."
  • (The American had been impressed into the British service.
    After Capt. SPEAR related the incident Ad. COCHRANE arranged for his discharge.)
  • The two French brigs were PILADE and PALINURE and they were both captured later in the year PILADE by POMPEE on 20 October and PALINURE by CIRCE on 31 October.
    The French had lost 8 killed and 21 wounded their action with GOREE.
    (After her action with GOREE, PALINEUR captured the CARNATION brig)
  • GOREE had no sails left and had to wait until her boats, left at the buoy in the morning, came up and could tow her back to the bay.
    Capt. SPEAR found the whole garrison of Royal Marines drawn up as a guard of honour when he went ashore to dine with the Governor.
    The Admiralty confirmed Mr Thomas CLACK who acted as his second lieutenant.
  • While GOREE was re-fitting in English Harbour, Antigua, the Hon. George CROFTON arrived to take command of her, Capt. SPEAR being removed to FAWN following the death of Capt. ROBY.
    By mutual agreement, and with the assent of Ad. COCHRANE, the two captains agreed to exchange appointments so that Capt. SPEAR could remain with GOREE.
    The 1st.
    lieutenant, James LOCKE, died of yellow fever in Antigua while re-fitting the sloop.
  • On 24 November 1808, 90 miles west of Guadeloupe, GOREE captured the privateer GENERAL VILLARET (8), also carrying a cargo of sugar, coffee and cotton from Martinique bound for Bordeaux.
    Later GOREE took part in the reduction of Martinique.
  • Capt. SPEAR returned to England with Sir Alex.
    COCHRANE's dispatches and arrived in London on 12 April 1809 and was promoted the following day.
  • 1808 George Alfred CROFTON, Leeward Is.
  • 1809 Lieut. Henry Dilkes BYNG (ordered to act as her commander by Sir John WARREN), 10/1809, at Halifax, and he transferred from BREAM.
    His appointment was confirmed in December.
    In 1812 he captured the American ship RANGER, bound for Nantucket from the Pacific with a cargo of considerable value.
    GOREE was converted into a prison-ship at Bermuda from March 1813 and Capt. BYNG removed to MOHAWK.
  • 1815 John WILSON, 06/1815.
    He was appointed to PORTIA in May 1816 and put her out of commission.
    Broken up in 1817.

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