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GOELAN (16) Taken on 13 October 1803 by PIQUE and PELICAN in San Domingo. The French LE GOELAND.
Broken up in 1810.

  • 1805 Capt. TEMPLER, Jamaica.
    He was drowned there in the spring of 1805.
  • 1806 Benjamin CLEMENT.
    He was promoted to the command of the GOELAN on 18 April 1806 but, because his Admiralty commission was delayed in Barbados he did not join her until 21 October in Jamaica.
    He found her in a bad state of repair and, while she was hove down, he lost many of the crew from sickness and desertion. He made up his numbers by impressment from merchant vessels at Port Morant at the eastern end of the island, which so enraged the masters of the merchant ships there that, when he anchored there at a later date to get water, they set a large dog on his gig's crew of four young lads, one of whom was badly bitten.
    Capt. CLEMENT had to defend himself against attack with a horse-whip. While GOELAND was at sea a civil action was brought against the captain and tried in his absence. The jury of local merchants awarded 700 pounds damages and costs against him.
  • About this time GOELAN captured the Spanish schooner BERRENA, 4 guns and 30 men, off the south of Cuba.
    In 1807 GOELAN was caught in a hurricane off Porto Rico and Capt. CLEMENT had to throw his guns overboard to save his vessel; it was only with great difficulty that he got back to Port Royal.
    Capt. CLEMENT removed to FAVORITE in Jamaica.
  • 1808 F. HOFFMAN, Sheerness.

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