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GLENMORE (36) Built in 1796, Woolwich (built of fir).
Sold in 1814.

  • Capt. George DUFF, 05/1796.
    West Indies.
    Irish station in 1800.
    In December 1799 GLENMORE and AIMABLE were escorting the West India convoy from Cork when, on the 17th., they encountered two French ships SYRENE (44) and BERGERE (18) bound for France from Cayenne together with the CALCUTTA East Indiaman which they had captured the same morning.
    GLENMORE bore down and recaptured the CALCUTTA while AIMABLE brought the Frenchmen to an action which lasted for thirty-five minutes before they made off taking with them Capt. Haggay, the first and second mates, and 50 lascars and seamen of CALCUTTA on board SYRENE.
    CALCUTTA had sailed with a convoy from Spithead on 20 November but had become separated off Cape Finisterre. She arrived in Plymouth on 12 January 1800.
  • GLENMORE returned to Plymouth from Cork on 6 February and on the 12th. she went into harbour for a refit. She was docked on 19 March and Robert Seppings, the surveyor, introduced a plan for laying diagonal riders fore and aft to provide extra strength during her repair. She sailed to join the Channel fleet on 10 June.
  • Capt. DUFF removed into the VENGEANCE (74) early in 1801.
  • 1802 Capt. MAITLAND.
    In June she escorted to Plymouth the ENGAGEANTE (38) Lieut. DONOCLIFF, which had been the receiving ship at Cork during the war.
    In August GLENMORE, GALATEA, AMELIA and OISEAU were employed taking back to the Helder Dutch emigrant troops who had been in British service.
    Between 2 and 14 October 1802 GLENMORE was cruising in the Channel, then on the morning of 30 October, at a signal from the CENTAUR in the Hamoaze, all the launches of the fleet attended at Mutton Cove to embark the 26th. or Cameron's regiment of foot on board GLENMORE, which had been anchored in Cawsand Bay since the 15th., OISEAU and ESCORT.
    They sailed for the Firth of Forth the following day and the frigates were clear of the eastern headlands by sunset. She returned to Plymouth on 1 December and on the 18th., at sunset, she was warped into the Barnpool.
    The following morning on the flood tide she was got safely to her moorings in the Hamoaze preparatory to going into dock to be stripped and examined for soundness.
    The BOADICEA was to be fitted for commission and given to Capt. MAITLAND.
    By the 28th. she was stripped and all her stores landed.
    Orders came down that BOADICEA was not to be commissioned and the GLENMORE's crew were put to rigging the DORIS and the BEAULIEU before being paid off.
    Capt. MAITLAND was to have BEAULIEU.
    Two days later orders were reversed; BOADICEA was to be commissioned and Capt. hoisted his pendant on board her.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Plymouth.

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