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GLASGOW (50) Built in 1814, Blackwall.
Broken up in 1829.

  • 1814 Woolwich.
  • 1814 First commissioned by Capt. Henry DUNCAN, Portsmouth.
    At the beginning of October she conveyed Viscount Melville to Plymouth, and then cruised between Scilly and Cape Finisterre until the end of the war with America. She did not meet any enemy cruisers and her only action was the recapture of one British merchantman.
  • After Napoleon returned from Elba, Capt. DUNCAN, under the orders of Lord KEITH, took command of a squadron in the Bay of Biscay.
    When he heard of Napoleon's surrender to the BELLEROPHON and saw Royalist colours at Brest, he entered that port and remained four days before returning to Plymouth.
  • GLASGOW was paid off at Chatham on 1 September 1815.
  • 1816 Capt. Hon. Anthony MAITLAND.
    GLASGOW joined Lord EXMOUTH's fleet off Portsmouth on 20 July for service against Algiers.
    The fleet rendezvoused at Gibraltar and the attack began on 24 August.
    GLASGOW, anchored close to the SEVERN, used her larboard guns against the town batteries.
    The Dutch MELAMPUS had her jib-boom over GLASGOW's taffrail.
    When IMPREGNABLE signalled that she had suffered 150 killed and wounded and requested help from a frigate to divert the fire, GLASGOW endeavoured to close with her.
    The lack of wind meant that, after an hour's exertion, she got no further than a short distance ahead of SEVERN where she was exposed to fire from the fish market batteries.
    GLASGOW lost 10 killed and 37 wounded.
  • 1817 She was so badly damaged at Algiers that she under repair at Deptford until re-commissioned by Capt. MAITLAND in August for the Mediterranean. She returned home and paid off in March 1821
  • 1821 Capt. Bentinck C. DOYLE commissioned her in March.
    After conveying the remains of the late Queen from Harwich to Cuxhaven he took Sir Edward Paget and his family to the East Indies.
    He returned in 1824 bringing the Marquis of Hastings from Calcutta to Gibraltar, before being paid off.
  • 1825 Capt. James A. MAUDE, 02/1825, Portsmouth.
    He conveyed Lord Strangford to Cronstadt before sailing for the Mediterranean. She was with Vice Ad. CODRINGTON at the battle of Navarin on 20 October 1827 and had two men wounded in the action. She returned home on 18 August 1828.
  • 1828 Out of commission at Chatham.

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