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GIPSY (10) Schooner Tender armed with ten 4-pounders.
  • 1800 Lieut. Coryndon BOGER.
    Leeward Is.
    (Lieut. BODGER was the son of Capt. BOGER of the Sea Fencibles of Fowey, and was for many years a lieutenant with Earl ST. VINCENT) He was ordered by Rear-Ad. DUCKWORTH in LEVIATHAN to escort the merchant ship CHARLOTTE to the northward of the islands and, on the 8 October, when he was off the northern end of Guadeloupe, he chased an armed sloop and fired a shot at her.
    The other hoisted French colours and returned the fire.
    When the enemy musketry started to do considerable damage, Lieut. BOGER hauled further back but kept up a continual fire of round and grape until the sloop struck. She was the QUIPROQUO, commanded by a Mons.
    Tourpie and taking dispatches from Curacao to Guadeloupe. She mounted eight guns, 6 and 9-pounders, and of the 98 men on board, 80 were Guadeloupe chasseurs and cannoneers returning from Rigaud's expedition against Curacao.
  • GIPSY lost one man killed and eleven wounded including Lieut. BOGER and Mr CLARKE, the master, out of 42.
    Two of the wounded later died.
    The enemy captain and four others were killed and eleven wounded.
  • The CHARLOTTE assisted in securing the prisoners and caring for the wounded.
    The prize was carried into Antigua and letters from Lieut. BOGER there, received in Plymouth on 9 January, stated that he had nearly recovered from his three wounds.
  • 1803 Lieut. E. K. FOLEY.
    While escorting a packet off Cape Maize on 19 October 1803 Lieut. FOLEY chased and ran ashore a French privateer schooner mounting two long 18-pounders and full of men.
    Because the night was dark and the wind freshening he made no attempt to get her off.

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