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GENOA (78) Taken in 1814 at Genoa.
Broken up in 1838.

  • 1821 Capt. Frederick Lewis MAITLAND commissioned GENOA as guardship at Sheerness on 18 May.
    Capt. Sir Thomas LIVINGSTONE, 10/1821, Sheerness.
  • 1827 Capt. Walter BATHURST, Mediterranean.
    In the summer of 1827 an Anglo-Franco-Russian fleet assembled in the Mediterranean.
    Their purpose was to ensure that the Greeks were protected from the cruelties practised on them by the Turks.
    On 3 September an Egyptian fleet entered the harbour of Navarino and on the 25th. a conference Ibrahim Pasha agreed that hostilities should be suspended and that the fleet would remain Navarino.
    Part of the allied squadron went to Malta to refit, the French to Milo, Vice Ad. CODRINGTON took his ships to Zante but had to return when DARTMOUTH signalled that the Turks had put to sea.
    ARMIDE managed to turn back the French and the Turkish and Egyptian frigates returned to Navarino.
    On the evening of the 19 October Vice Ad. CODRINGTON issued instructions for the allied ships to enter the harbour.
    The combined fleet fleet stood into the harbour at about half past one on the afternoon of the 20th.
    The flagship ASIA anchored alongside a ship of the line flying the flag of the Capitan Bey.
    The GENOA, next astern, brought up alongside a double-banked frigate and was closely engaged during the whole of the battle.
    The Turks fired high and so many marines were killed on her poop that it considered prudent to remove the remainder to the quarter deck.
  • Capt. BATHURST was wounded early on by a splinter which lacerated his face but later was mortally wounded by a shot which passed through his body and and hit the opposite bulwark.
    The command devolved on Commander Richard DICKINSON after the captain was taken down to the cockpit.
    Captain BATHURST died at about 3 o'clock on 21 April.
  • GENOA lost Messrs.P. BROWN and Charles BUSSELL, midshipmen, Mr A. J.T.
    ROWE, master's assistant, and 22 seamen and marines killed.
    Lieut. Richard STURT, Capt. Thomas Moore, RM, Mr Herbert Blatchford GREY, midshipman, Mr James CHAMBER, 1st. class volunteer, and 29 men wounded, many severely.
  • On the 11th. day after the battle the petty officers, seamen and marines of GENOA petitioned the Commander in Chief to allow Cdr. DICKINSON to remain command and take the ship home, but Cdr. Lewis DAVIES of ROSE was appointed to the vacancy but ordered to continue in command of ROSE and take dispatches to Smyrna.
    GENOA returned home under the command of Capt. Hon Charles Leonard IRBY, 15/11/27, and she paid off at Plymouth on 21 January 1828.

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