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GANNET (16) Purchased in 1800.
Sold in 1814.

  • 1801 Isaac COTGRAVE, Downs.
    At half past eight PM
    on the 28 March 1801 he gave chase to a lugger off Dungerness and finally captured her off the French coast at half past eleven. She was the VENGEANCE of ten 3-pounders and four 2 pounders, commanded by Nicholas Saillard, which had sailed from Boulogne the same morning.
  • On the night of the 15 August Vice-Ad. NELSON carried out a major attack on the French flotilla moored off Boulogne using four divisions of boats for boarding and another division of howitzer boats.
    The attack was not a success.
    Capt. COTGRAVE commanded the third division of boats from YORK, GANNET, FERRITER, PROVIDENCE, EXPRESS, EXPLOSION and DISCOVERY.
  • He found himself ahead of the other boats and under heavy fire which soon left his boat in a sinking state.
    The boats from YORK came to his rescue and, deciding that there was no prospect of success and having had a number of men killed and wounded, he ordered a withdrawal.
    GANNET had one seaman killed and two wounded.
  • Five days later on the 20th. the boats of JAMAICA, GANNET and HOUND were sent to cut out six flat boats which had come out of St. Valery and been run ashore by HOUND and MALLARD.
    They brought off three and destroyed the others.
    A seaman, William WARREN, of GANNET was wounded.
    (see HOUND)
  • She was badly damaged in a gale off Scilly on 21/1822 November 1802 and went in to Plymouth on the 24th. to refit.
  • 1803 Edward BASS, cruising.
    On 14 March 1804 the Port Admiral at Plymouth received a report from some merchants at St. Ives that two privateers, a lugger of 16 guns and a cutter with 14 guns, were operating off the coast and had taken several vessels.
    The Admiral, Sir J. COLPOYS, responded by sending GANNET and ATALANTA to join HAZARD and RESOLUTION on the station.
  • 1805 Ditto, Channel.
    In June 1806 James Robert PHILIPS was ordered to act as commander of GANNET at Sheerness until the arrival of BONETTA, then absent on convoy service.
  • 1807 James STEVENSON, to Lisbon on 4 January.
    North Sea at the end of the year.
  • 1808 Ditto, Channel.
    He was posted in February 1812.
  • 1812, John PORTEUS, Portsmouth.
  • 1814 Sheerness.

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