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GANGES (84) Built in 1821, Bombay.
Training ship in 1865.

  • 1822 1823 Capt. Francis Augustus COLLIER.
    Capt. COLLIER was commanding the LIVERPOOL frigate when she was bought at Bombay by a Persian prince for the suppression of piracy.
    The captain, officers and crew were transferred to the newly built GANGES and they brought her back to Spithead on 6 October 1822.
  • Capt. Edward BRACE, 05/1823, Portsmouth.
    He first joined the Royal Navy in 1781 and had been in almost continuous service since then.
  • 1823 on foreign service with SUPERB under his orders.
  • 1824 Capt. Patrick CAMPBELL, 11/1824, Portsmouth.
  • 1827 Capt. Samuel INGLEFIELD, 03/1826, Rio de Janeiro.
  • 1830 Capt. John HAYES, 09/1829, Portsmouth.
  • 1831 Capt. George BURDETT, 07/1830, Mediterranean.
    In August 1831 Vice Ad. HOTHAM in ST. VINCENT sailed from Malta to see the volcanic island which had appeared off Sicily.
    (See RAPID) He was accompanied by GANGES and HIND.
  • The island had been named Graham Island by the British, no one had asked the Sicilians, and Mr Alick OSBORNE, surgeon of GANGES was one of the many officers who went ashore on the morning of the 20th. and recorded his impressions.
    By now the island was about a mile in circumference, nearly round, with two hills connected by low lying land.
    On the highest point, named after Lieut. Thomas COLMAN of HIND and about 160 feet above sea level, the Union Flag had been hoisted and it was to here that all the visitors climbed (scampered, if one believes the surgeon) through clouds of evil smelling gas in the heat of a scorching sirocco sun.
    In the centre of the island was a basin about 90 feet in diameter filled with bubbling red water.
    OSBORNE climbed down 20 feet to recover some moment and plunged his hand into the water but withdrew it very quickly when he found that the water was about 190deg F, and satisfied himself with a two pound lump of limestone for a souvenir.
    The island started to crumble over the next few months and the American brig FLORA on 19 December and the yacht LADY EMILY on 9 January found only an extensive reef.
  • 1832 Out of commission at Portsmouth.

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