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GALGO (16) Taken from the Spanish by CRESCENT and CALYPSO in 1799.
Lost in 1800.

  • On 15 November 1799 while CRESCENT and CALYPSO were escorting a convoy some 30 miles south of Puerto Rico they encountered a Spanish squadron consisting of ASIA (64); AMPHITRITE (44) and GALGO (16).
    The first two made for the leeward part of the convoy which was protected by CALYPSO.
    When GALGO made towards those that had kept their wind CRESCENT was able to capture her.
    Lieut. William DILLON of CRESCENT took her into Port Royal, Jamaica.
  • 1800 George Samuel STOVIN, Jamaica.
    In October GALGO, renamed CHANCE, was ordered to exchange with SURINAM, Capt. COLE, on the Leeward Is.
    station so that Capt. COLE could remove to Jamaica with Lord Hugh SEYMOUR.
    Unfortunately GALGO foundered, with the loss of the greater part of her crew, including Capt. STOVIN, during a heavy squall on 9 October.

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