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FRISK Hired cutter No details.
  • 1805 Lieut. James NICHOLSON, Channel.
    FRISK and RHODA, Lieut. J. B. BATT, were in company with MELAMPUS (36) off the Saints on 10 February 1805 when they fell in with a squadron of French gunvessels trying to get into Brest from Ambolette.
    The enemy were unable to keep close inshore so the English ships were able to get amongst them and captured eight.
    Another was taken later by GROWLER which lost her mainmast head in the chase.
    Two of the luggers were taken into Mount's Bay on Thursday the 14th. and three more, Nos.
  • 193, 286 and 430, into Falmouth on the Friday.
    The first was armed with two 18-pounders and a 24-pounder and the others with a single 24 pounder.
    They carried a crew of 30, all soldiers except for one seaman, and had no accommodation other than straw to lie on.
  • On 12 February 1805 ten enemy luggers and gunboats came through the Passage du Raz and were unable to get to windward.
    FRISK, with RHODA in company, came up and captured the weather-most lugger and sent her into Plymouth. She proved to be GV No.288, armed with one long 24-pounder.
  • She was with Sir Robert CALDER's squadron at the action with the combined fleets off Ushant on 22 July 1805.
  • 1806 Lieut. NORTON, Channel.
    On 9 May 1806 FRISK and the CONTEST gunbrig flanked the battery on Point d'Equillon in the St. Martin's Roads, Ile de Re, while the marines and seamen from PALLAS attacked it by land in the rear.
    The three 36-pounder in the battery were spiked and the magazine blown up but only one of the garrison of 50 was captured, the rest escaping.

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