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FRANCHISE (36) Taken by MINOTAUR, THUNDERER and ALBION in the Channel on 28 May 1803.
Broken up in 1815.

  • At the beginning of January 1804 COURAGEUX, with the flag of Rear Ad. DACRES, sailed from St. Helens with a convoy for the West Indies. Four days later she was so badly damaged in a storm that, when she returned to Plymouth on 1 February, Ad. DACRES hoisted his flag in FRANCHISE for the voyage across.
  • 1805 Capt. John MURRAY, Jamaica station.
    When he arrived off Curacao on 24 April 1805 a schooner was seen to leeward. When chased, she hauled up under the fort at Port Marin and anchored. FRANCHISE followed and, after an hour's firing, managed to bring out the schooner. A lieutenant, who was wounded, and a surgeon with 24 men were in her when she was boarded but the men managed to make their escape ashore. She turned out to be a tender to the Dutch frigate KENAU HASSELAAR lying at Curacao. FRANCHISE had one man very badly wounded and two slightly wounded. The Dutch frigate was taken on 1 January 1807 when the island of Curacao was captured by Capt. BRISBANE's squadron. She was taken into the Royal Navy as HALSTAAR.
  • 1806 Capt. Charles DASHWOOD, Jamaica.
    On 7 January 1806 Lieut. John FLEMING, with three boats from FRANCHISE, cut out the Spanish brig of war RAPOSA (12) in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico. The water was so shallow that FRANCHISE could not approach closer than 15 miles when she anchored in 4 fathoms. Lieut FLEMING was accompanied by Lieut. Peter John DOUGLAS in the barge, Lieut. Mends of the marines and Messrs. LAMB (pinnace), DALY, CHALMERS and HAMILTON, midshipmen. The long distance that they had to row meant that they arrived after the rising of the moon, and gave the enemy time for preparation. Two brigs, one of 20 guns, the other of 12, and an 9-gun schooner, slipped their cables and commenced a heavy fire on the three boats so Lieut. FLEMING, supported by the others, made a dash for the nearest brig and laid her on board. In 10 minutes she was carried. The other two vessels followed them for some time exchanging cannon and musket fire before giving up.
    The Spanish captain, Don Joaquim de la Cheva, and his first lieutenant were ashore with a boat's crew and, of the 75 men left on board, 5 were killed and many drowned when they jumped overboard during the attack.
    FRANCHISE had only seven slightly wounded. Capt. DASHWOOD sent the twenty-six Spanish wounded ashore under flag of truce. Lieut. FLEMING was voted a sword by the Patriotic Fund.
  • In July 1806 FRANCHISE sailed from Jamaica with MAGICIENNE, Capt. Adam MACKENZIE, as escorts for a homeward bound convoy of 109 West Indiamen. After clearing the Gulf of Florida the convoy was hit by a hurricane in which 20 of the merchant ships foundered and FRANCHISE lost her fore-mast and main-top-mast.
    MAGICIENNE was so badly damaged that she had to make straight for Bermuda for repairs. Capt. DASHWOOD managed to round up the remaining ships, all more or less damaged, and brought them safely to England.
  • FRANCHISE took part in the expedition against Copenhagen in 1807 and early in 1808 she returned to the West Indies as escort to a convoy of merchantmen. During the passage Capt. DASHWOOD captured the French privateer HAZARD of 4 guns and 50 men.
  • In December 1808 FRANCHISE, AURORA, DAEDALUS, REINDEER and PERT took possession of the town of Samana on the N. E. coast of the island of San Domingo. The French were in the act of erecting batteries which would have made the place impregnable if the attack had been delayed. Three privateer schooners were found in the harbour and an English ship with bale goods and a Spaniard with a valuable cargo were recaptured as their prize crews were bringing them in.
  • On 16 January 1809 Capt. DASHWOOD captured the French letter of marque EPHIGENIE after a chase of thirty hours during which she though overboard all her six guns and her anchors in her endeavours to escape.
    With a crew of 26 men she was on passage from Bayonne, where she was built, to Guadeloupe with naval stores. She had been launched about two months previously to be used as a privateer in the West Indies.
    Capt. DASHWOOD was appointed to PYRAMUS in 1810.
  • 1811 Capt. ALLEN, Gibraltar Mediterranean.
  • 1812 Capt. Richard BUCK, Mediterranean.
    On 24 February 1812 FRANCHISE drove on shore and burnt the French privateer AVENTURIER in the Bay of Cagliari in Corsica. She was pierced for 14 guns but had only 3 mounted and was manned with 60 men. In the 26 days since she sailed from Marseilles she had made no captures.
  • FRANCHISE returned to Woolwich at the end of 1814 and was broken up the following year,

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