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FOWEY (3) River barge, gunvessel Purchased in 1795.
Sold in 1800.

  • 1799 Lieut. M'NEIL, Plymouth.
  • 1800 Lieut. DERBY, Channel.
    While cruising south of Ushant she struck on the Saints (Chaussee de Sein) on 18 January and started making water. She was driven in this leaking condition and short of provisions out into the Bay of Biscay but, with a fortunate change of wind she was blown up for Ireland and landed safely in Crookhaven Bay.
    on the 24th. She returned to Plymouth on the 27th. for repair.
    In March she was cruising off the Penmarks with TRITON and JOSEPH.
    They attempted to burn the remains of REPULSE but could not get near enough owing to the strong current and a battery that the French had brought up.
    FOWEY had to return to Plymouth on the 30th. when her bowsprit was carried away in a gale.
    Five days later she sailed with dispatches for Lord BRIDPORT.
    FOWEY and DOLLY had another go at burning the REPULSE but were driven off by the batteries.
    FOWEY collected dispatches from Earl ST. VINCENT's fleet on 4 March and returned to Plymouth on the 8th.

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