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FORTITUDE (74) Built in 1780, Rotherhithe.
Broken up in 1820.

  • 1781 Capt. Sir Richard BICKERTON.
    Part of the fleet under Vice Ad. DARBY, sent to the relief of Gibraltar in the spring of that year.
  • On her return to Spithead Capt. ROBERTSON was appointed to her and Vice Ad. Sir Hyde PARKER hoisted his flag, as commander of a squadron to escort 700 sail of merchantmen from Leith to the Baltic.
  • As he was returning from that service with the home bound convoy, Sir Hyde, with seven line-of-battle ships and six frigates, fell in with the Dutch Admiral Zoutman, with the same number of ships and also escorting a convoy, off the Dogger Bank.
  • Ad. PARKER placed the convoy in charge of Capt. SUTTON in TARTAR with orders to get it home as best as possible.
    The British squadron then formed line and bore down on the Dutch, who had placed their convoy and frigates to the leeward of the squadron.
    They closed to within a pistol shot without firing until, after an incessant exchange of broadsides for three hours and forty minutes, Vice Ad. PARKER hauled down the signal for battle and the British ships hove to to repair Damage.
    FORTITUDE lost twenty killed and Lieuts. Joseph HARRINGTON (mortally), John WAGHORN and Martin KINCKLEY, the boatswain, the pilot and 67 men were wounded.
    The total for the squadron was 109 killed and 362 wounded, many mortally.
    FORTITUDE received 10 shot between wind and water, seven guns were rendered unserviceable and her masts, rigging and sails were badly damaged.
  • The Dutch losses were heavier.
    The HOLLANDIA sank in the night and her flag was rescued by BELLE POULE and presented to Ad. PARKER.
    On the other Dutch ships 142 were killed and 403 wounded.
    In spite of this the Dutch claimed a victory when they reached Holland.
  • FORTITUDE was paid off at Plymouth in April 1783.
  • 1793 Capt. YOUNG.
    In 1798 she was converted to a prison ship at Portsmouth and Lieut. G GOURLY was appointed to her.
  • 1799 Lieut. GOURLY, 1802 Powder magazine at Portsmouth.

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