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FORESTER (18) Built in 1806, Dover (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1819.

  • 1806 She was first John RICHARDS on 18 September 1806 and employed as a convoy escort for the Baltic trade.
    Off the coast of Holland she recaptured an English ship taken by privateers and captured the smuggling cutter HIRAM.
    During a gale on 19 January 1808 all the vessels of the Heligoland squadron except FORESTER were driven ashore.
    In the same gale the frigate FLORA, Capt. Loftus BLAND, went on to the Dutch coast and FORESTER's boats went in to burn the wreck.
    In June 1808 Cdr. RICHARDS commanded a small squadron off Goree.
  • In July FORESTER re-fitted for foreign service and sailed from Spithead with a convoy of seven vessels, two for Corunna and the others for garrisons in the West Indies. She carried 500,000 dollars for the Spanish patriots.
    After eight days at Corunna FORESTER sailed for Barbados where she was employed in the blockade of Martinique and Guadeloupe.
  • On 31 May 1809 the boats of Capt. RICHARD's small squadron, under Lieut. Robert CARR of ATTENTIVE, captured a French letter of marque and a schooner lying in Port du Molas under the protection of a battery of four long 8-pounders.
    Lieut. CARR landed and drove out the garrison of 300 soldiers before spiking the guns and blowing up the magazine.
    In June Capt. RICHARDS removed to ABERCROMBIE in Antigua.
  • 1809 John E. WATT, 08/9, Leeward Is.
  • 1813 Alexander KENNEDY, Leeward Is.
    On the 5 May 1813 FORESTER and SAPPHIRE, escorting a convoy off the Ile de Vache, captured the American privateer schooner MARY ANN.
    Ten days later she and CIRCE took the American LOVELY LASS off Montego Point.
  • Capt. KENNEDY was dismissed from the command of FORESTER after a court martial held at Port Royal on the 25 and 26 April 1814 and suspended from rank for two years.
    He had been found guilty of disobeying the orders of Rear-admiral BROWN, the commander-in-chief Jamaica.
  • 1814 William HENDRY, 04/1814, Jamaica.
  • 1817 Portsmouth.

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