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FLYING FISH (12) Schooner Taken from the French off San Domingo 30 June 1803.
Lost in 1808.

  • 1804 Lieut. Thomas PRICE, Jamaica.
    On 13 July 1804 the English schooner CONTENT was captured by a French privateer off Black River Bay in S. W. Jamaica.
    FLYING FISH fell in with her the following day and recaptured her.
    From information he gathered from the prisoners Lieut. PRICE was able to go after the privateer and after a chase of 5 hours on the 15th. he captured her also. She carried 50 men with 1 gun and some muskets and had made three captures since leaving St. Jago (Santiago de Cuba)
  • In the spring of 1805 Lieut. PRICE recaptured the MARY, laden with island produce.
  • 1806 Lieut. James Glassford GOODING, West Indies.
    On 30 August 1806 she accompanied STORK (18) SUPERIEURE (14) and PIKE (4) to the Isla de Pinos off south-west Cuba to clear the area of privateers.
    They captured a Spanish schooner off Cabo Frances then the three smaller vessels entered the shallow waters of the Golfo de Batabano and, on 2 September, landed 64 officers and men some 2 miles from the port of Batabano.
    On the following day, after struggling through marshes, they captured a fort near the town which was garrisoned by a strong force of French and Spanish soldiers with six guns.
    Eleven ships were captured in the port and were either taken as prizes or burnt.
  • Commanded by Lieut. J. G. GOODWIN she was lost off San Domingo on 15 December 1808.

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