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FLY (16) Built in 1805, Bridport.
Lost in 1812.

  • 1806 John THOMPSON (a), Downs.
    Took part in the operations against Buenos Aires June July 1807.
  • 1808 Downs.
    In February 1809 Capt. Thompson picked up an open boat at sea and brought it into the Downs.
    On board were eleven deserters from the fleet in Flushing they were two Danish seamen and two Dutch and a corporal with six privates.
    They had conspired together to escape from the Dutch Admiral's flag-ship and had been three days and nights at sea.
    They said that the fleet consisted of ten 74s ready for sea but the crews consisted mainly of raw recruits who were very discontented.
    Capt. THOMPSON was promoted to post captain on 21/10/10, the fifth anniversary of Trafalgar.
  • 1811 Manley Hall DIXON, 10/1810, Downs.
    John SKEKEL, 06/1811, (transferred to GLUCKSTADT at the end of the year) October 1811 Henry HIGMAN (from GLUCKSTADT), Baltic.
    On 29 February 1812 she was wrecked on the Knobber reef at the eastern end of Anholt Is.
    in the Kattegat.
    All the crew were saved.

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