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FLY Built in 1776, Sheerness.
Lost in 1802.

  • 1793 Capt. BROWN.
  • 1794 Richard Hussey MOUBRAY, 06/1794, five days after the capture of Port-au-Prince he was ordered to convey Capt. ROWLEY and Lieut. Col. Whitelocke, the bearers of the dispatches, to England.
    In December 1794 he escorted the Duke of York from Helvoetsluys to Harwich.
    Later he took part in the seizure of Dutch ships in Plymouth Sound: two line-of-battle ships, one frigate, two sloops of war,nine East Indiamen and about sixty other vessels.
    Fly was afterwards employed convoying trade in the Channel and to and from Gibraltar.
  • 1796 Capt. H. S. BUTT, 01/1796.
  • 1797 Capt. CUMBERLAND, 05/1797.
  • 1798 Zachary MUDGE, 11/1798 Channel.
    On 4 February 1799 FLY captured the French privateer GLENEUR (6) off Portland after a long chase.
    On his previous cruise the Frenchman had cut out of Torbay the ANNA of hull, the HOPEWELL and the LUCY of Whitehaven and got clean away with them.
    The HOPEWELL was later recaptured.
  • 1800 Halifax.
    FLY returned to Portsmouth on the 21 May 1800 having crossed from Halifax in 21 days with dispatches from the Duke of Kent. She had a narrow escape on the edge of the Newfoundland Banks when, at dusk in a thick fog, a vast iceberg was seen one cable's length right ahead.
    The sloop was running before the wind doing about 9 knots but by putting the helm down she just shot clear.
  • FLY sailed for a cruise off Cherbourg on the 28 June 1800 and returned to Portsmouth on the 26th. of the following month after heavy gales from the N. E. to N. N.W.
    compelled her to leave her station to take shelter in Guernsey Roads. She had great difficulty in clearing La Hogue but captured a French privateer cutter, TROMPEUR, there.
  • 1801 Thomas DUVALL.
    FLY sailed from Portsmouth on 7 January 1801 with a convoy for the coast of Africa and returned on 20 August.
  • A court martial was held on board GLADIATOR in Portsmouth Harbour on the 25 August 1801 to try Mr William MACLEOD, the purser of FLY.
    He was sentenced to be dismissed his Majesty's service for not supplying his ship with stores, drunkenness, and neglect of duty.
  • Sometime in the spring of 1802 FLY foundered off Newfoundland, all the crew were lost.

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