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FIRM (12) Built in 1804, Frindsbury.
Lost in 1811.

  • 1805 Lieut. COLLETT, Downs.
  • 1808 Lieut. John LITTLE, 08/OO under the orders of Commodore D'AUVERGNE Guernsey.
  • 1809 Took the Danish DAGERAAG on 15 Oct.
  • On 20 April 1810 the boats of SURLY, FIRM and SHARPSHOOTER, under the command of Lieut. HODGKINS, of FIRM and Mr LAGAW, 2nd master of SHARPSHOOTER, took off the French privateer cutter ALCIDE from the mouth of the river Pirou where she had been run ashore under the protection of 400 troops.
    They kept up a incessant fire while she was carried off.
    FIRM 's 2nd master, Mathias ROBERG, was killed and a boatswain's mate, John CROSS, wounded.
    The privateer's four 4-pounders had been thrown overboard during the chase and her crew of about 30 escaped over the beach
  • In July 1810 Lieut. LITTLE saved the life of a marine by jumping overboard to rescue him in St Hellier's Bay.
    On 12 March 1811 LITTLE witnessed the capture of CHALLENGER by a French frigate off Roscoff but managed to make his escape within a sunken reef.
    On 28 June 1811, in company with the FYLLA, he attacked two praam brigs off Granville.
    The Frenchmen had come out to drive off boats which were reconnoitring, but had been unable to regain their harbour.
    FIRM drew more water and was unable to engage them with much effect.
    The following night, while wearing round to come out of Cancal Bay, she grounded at the top of high water. She was set on fire to avoid capture and Lieut. LITTLE, his officers and crew were taken into Jersey on board FYLLA.
    A court martial acquitted him of blame.

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