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FELIX (14) Schooner Taken by AMAZON on 26 July 1803, she was purchased for the naval service in 1804.
Lost in 1807.

  • 1805 Lieut. Richard BOURNE, Channel Fleet.
    The French squadron at Rochefort sailed on the night of 11 February 1805 and they were sighted by FELIX at 5 o'clock the following morning standing to the north-west under top-gallant-sails.
    At one time she was within a half gun-shot of the enemy but lost sight of them during a squall.
    When the weather cleared an hour later they were visible from the masthead still steering to the north-west about 150 miles from the Ile Dieu.
    A cutter saw them on the 12th. with apparent damage to their masts and yards.
    FELIX went in search of Ad. GRAVES, first in Quiberon Bay and then out to sea, but did not meet him until the 16th. to give him the first news that the French were at sea.
    On the 20th. FELIX was sent to examine Basque Bay but found only a frigate there.
    FELIX arrived in Plymouth on 31 January with dispatches from Sir T. GRAVES. She had on board part of the crew of the DORIS frigate which had been wrecked on a rock in Quiberon Bay 10 days earlier.
    On 9 April the French fleet from Toulon passed through the Straits of Gibraltar and were sighted by Capt. Lord KERR in FISGUARD.
    He immediately sent word to Vice-Ad. Sir John ORDE, cruising off Cape St. Mary's, who sent FELIX to England with the news.
    With COLPOYS, HAUGHTY and FRISK she destroyed a number of batteries along the north Spanish coast during July 1806.
    Lieut. BOURNE broke a rib in the attack on Ea on 28 July and one of his men was severely wounded.
    (see COLPOYS) Lieutenant Mitchell took part in the attack.
  • 1806 Lieut. Clement IVES, off Rochefort.
  • 1807 Lieut. Robert CLARKE(2), coast of Spain.
    On 22 January 1807 she was wrecked near Santander

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