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FAWN (18) Built in 1806, Owen, Topsham.
Sold in 1818.

  • 1807 Fanshawe ROBY.
    Following his death he was succeeded by 1808 Nevison DE COURCY 15/04/8, Hon. George Alfred CROFTON, Leeward Is.
    On 28 May 1808 Acting Lieut. James ROBERTSON commanded two of FAWN's boats to capture a large Spanish privateer schooner and three merchant ships which were sheltering under two batteries at the N. E. end of Porto Rico.
    The crew of the schooner ran their vessel ashore and ROBERTSON, determined to tow her off, nailed sheet lead over the holes in her bow.
    He had floated her and was under way when her magazine exploded and all on board except ROBERTSON and two seamen were blown into the water.
    The carpenter was killed and Mr FARLEY, master's mate, the quarter-master and two marines were burnt.
  • Mr ROBINSON rejoined FAWN that evening with his four prizes and some repairs were made to the schooner but she went down in a squall the following day, taking five men with her.
  • On 17 July FAWN returned and, assisted by two boats from PULTUSK under her commander Charles NAPIER, cut out a merchant schooner then destroyed and spiked the guns of the batteries.
    On 11 October 1810 she captured the French privateer schooner TEMERAIRE, of 10 guns and 35 men.
  • 1811 Ditto, Portsmouth.
    Capt. CROFTON was promoted to post rank on 1 February 1812.
  • 1812 Thos.
    FELLOWES, 02/1812, Channel.
    Later he convoyed a fleet of merchantmen from Cork to Barbados.
    From Barbados FAWN moved to the Jamaica station where she recaptured a number of British merchant vessels including the privateer PERTHSHIRE, 14, from St. John's N. B.
    with a cargo of fish and oil on 4 December.
    The brig RACHAEL from Greenock was retaken on 19 December.
  • On 9 January 1813 while cruising between Curacao and the Spanish Main FELLOWES retook a brig and learnt that she had been taken by one of three American privateers in the area.
    He went in pursuit and discovered her the next morning off Porto Cabello and after a long chase he got within range at 2 o'clock on the morning of the 11th. and drove the privateer ashore on Point Hicacos.
    Her commander and 24 men were drowned trying to reach the shore. She proved to be the ROSAMOND of 8 heavy guns and 105 men and she had on board 100,000 dollars in specie beside other plunder.
  • On his subsequent arrival at La GUIARA, the port for the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, FELLOWES received a request from Domingo MONTEVERDE, the Captain-General, for FAWN to extend her cruise to the province of Cumana where insurgents were paralysing commerce.
  • FAWN took the privateer HAVANNAH on 6 June 1813 and the prize money for her was paid in March 1817. She paid off in October 1813 on which occasion the ship's company addressed a letter to their captain expressing their regret that they would no longer be serving under him.
  • 1814-18 Plymouth.

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