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FANNY (16) Hired lugger No details.
  • 1799 Lieut. FRISSELL, cruising on the Irish station.
    On the 21 November 1799 he was 45 miles S. S.E.
    of Start Point when he saw an English schooner chasing after a French lugger.
    Lieut. FRISSELL hoisted French colours and the lugger made towards him, he then exchanged colours and fired two shots at her. She immediately struck and proved to be a privateer out of Granville armed with swivels and small arms and carrying 13 men.
    The schooner HOPE took her into Plymouth on the evening of the 26th.
    In 1800 she escorted convoys between the Downs, Plymouth, Cork and Dublin on a fairly regular basis, interspersed with cruises to search for blockade runners. She sailed with a convoy to Cork on 14 September and took another convoy to Dublin on 2 October.
    On 10 October she sent in to Plymouth the Prussian galliot JUFFROW DIERDE laden with salt from Croisir which she had detained.
    On 31 October she brought a convoy from Milford into Plymouth. She was cruising between 18 November and 3 December.
  • On 15 January 1801 Capt. FRISSEL detained and sent in the FORTUNEE from Morlaix with bale goods but she was later released.
    The Swedish BERSTORFF bound for Brest from Stockholm with iron and deals detained and sent in to Plymouth on 22 January.
  • On 7 February 1801 she sailed to the West Indies, returning to Plymouth from Santa Cruz on the 10 May after a passage of five weeks.
    Lieut. FRISSEL brought dispatches on the surrender of all the Danish and Swedish islands in the West Indies. She had taken part in the assault on St. Bartholomew's and St. Martin's.
    At the commencement of the attack on the former Ad. DUCKWORTH observed two privateer brigs, a schooner, and other small vessels in Great Bay and ordered HORNET and FANNY to work up there and prevent their escape.
    DRAKE was later sent to join them.
    Unfortunately they could get far enough to windward and one of the brigs and the schooner got out and escaped although chased by HORNET and FANNY for 24 hours.
  • When FANNY came into Plymouth on the 23 September, the set of the lee current as she entered the Hamoaze put her on the German Rock but the exertions of the crew got her off without damage and she was able to sail with dispatches on 4 October and returned on the 11th. with a convoy from the Downs.

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