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FANNY (1) Schooner No details.
  • In August 1845 FANNY, a schooner belonging to the Argentine naval commander, Commodore BROWN, and commanded by Lieut. Ashley Cooper KEY, joined a small British force (GORGON, PHILOMEL and DOLPHIN) which was sent up the Uruguay River to protect foreign nationals during the fighting between Argentina and Uruguay. She later joined an Anglo-French squadron which sailed up the Parana at the beginning of November to attempt to force the river at Obligado where the Argentine dictator, Don Juan Manuel de Rosas, had built a boom of chained hulks covered by four batteries.
    The attack which started on the morning of the 20th. was hard fought.
    PHILOMEL was badly damaged early on and FANNY anchored near her.
    All the other ships suffered casualties as they struggled to come up in the light breeze.
    After a gap had been cut in the boom by a party under Captain HOPE of FIREBRAND three steamers were able to pass through and rake the batteries.
    Parties of seamen and marines then landed including one under Lieut. KEY to occupy the batteries and spike the guns.
    Lieut. KEY was wounded, the only casualty suffered by FANNY.

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