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FALCON (14) Purchased in 1801 as DIADEM, renamed in 1802.
Sold in 1816.

  • 1802 Capt. NASH, Portsmouth.
    He sailed for Cork on Thursday 8 April with 150 of Hompesch's riflemen on board but was obliged to return and set out again on the 13th. She returned on 11 May. She was then commissioned by Henry Manaton OMMANNEY and sailed for Halifax on 15 June. She remained there over the winter.
  • On 14 June 1803 FALCON, then lying at Spithead received orders to join the Newfoundland squadron. She returned to Plymouth on 13 February 1804 and went into the harbour for a refit.
  • 1804 George SANDERS, 03/OO, Channel On 10 June 1805 he was in action with the Havre flotilla and the batteries between Havre and Fecamp.
    FALCON's rigging and sails suffered but she only had four wounded.
  • FALCON was later employed protecting the Baltic trade and she was lying in Danzig Bay in April 1807 when SALLY, Edward CHETHAM, and CHARLES (both hired vessels) arrived there on the 12th.
    Capt. SANDERS, his first lieutenant and purser, served as volunteers under Capt. Chetham when he attempted to open communications between Danzig and Fort Weeickselmunde by warping his ship up the vistula to do battle with 2,000 French troops under Marshal Lefebvre, who were besieging the city.
    Early in May Capt. CHETHAM sent FALCON to Pillau, the seaport of Konigsburgh, to act as circumstances might require
  • Following a meeting between the King of Prussia and Grand Duke Constantine, the Russian General Kaminsky embarked in FALCON and the troops under his command were conducted to Danzig Bay where, on their arrival on 12 May, the boats of SALLY and her consorts took them to Fort Weeickselmunde.
    Here the General made arrangements for fighting his way into Danzig to relieve the city and, if he had waited until a favourable wind allowed SALLY to get over the bar to support him, he might have been successful.
    Marshal Lefebvre was able to bring reinforcements over the Vistula and the Russians were forced to retreat with heavy losses.
    FALCON took General Kaminsky and some of his troops back to Pillau, and more embarked in CHARLES and the other small vessels.
    Capt. CHETHAM and his companions rescued Col. Schuler and the garrison of of Weeickselmunde as the French were about to enter the fort
  • Capt. SANDERS was next appointed to BELLETTE.
  • Later in the year Sheerness.
    G. A. CREYKE, Nore.
    Lieut. John PRICE (act.
    Cdr.), Danish waters.
  • On 29 April 1808 FALCON's boats destroyed 14 Danish boats in the islands of Endelau and Thuno at the northern end of the Great Belt.
    Lieut. PRICE found that the Danes had fortified the harbour of Kyeholm in the island of Samsoe and had mounted 50 pieces of cannon.
    A prisoner disclosed that that vessels were soon expected with mortars to add to the fortifications and, on 7 May, they discovered the two vessels anchored under the batteries of Lundholm.
    They were quickly boarded and taken under ill directed fire from guns and muskets but in bringing them out one of the boats containing a 13 inch mortar and 400 shells grounded and Mr ELLERTON, the master, was obliged to burn her.
    The other vessel was brought out and her mortar taken on board FALCON before she was destroyed.
    One seaman only was hurt with a musket ball in the arm.
  • 1808 Viscount NEVILL, North Sea.
  • 1811 Portsmouth.
  • 1812 Sheerness.

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