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FALCON (14) Built in 1782, Sandwich.
Burnt in 1800.

  • 1792 Capt. James BISSETT, Jamaica. She returned to Plymouth on 17 March 1793 having captured a French privateer off Ushant.
    Capt. BISSETT had not known of war between Britain and France and was astonished when fired on by the privateer.
  • The following year she was actively employed cruising and on the coast of Flanders.
    In October 1794 FALCON was placed under the orders of Rear Ad. Henry HARVEY and accompanied him on a three months' cruise on the coast of Norway in an unusually severe winter. She had been short of all provisions, fuel and stores before the cruise started and her officers and crew suffered from cold and privation.
    Early on her guns had to be thrown overboard and her pumps kept working as she encountered heavy seas and violent gales.
    When she returned to Sheerness she had only one boat left.
  • 1799 Fitting at Sheerness.
  • 1800 Henry Samuel BUTT. She took part in the attack by fireships, FALCON, WASP, COMET and ROSARIO, on four French frigates in Dunkirk Roads on 7 July 1800.
    DART managed to board and capture the DESIREE frigate but, although the captains of the fireships remained on board until their vessels were completely in flames, the enemy managed to cut and run, escaping within the Braak Sand.
    FALCON had no casualties.

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