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FAIRY (18) Built in 1812, Bideford (Cruizer class).
Broken up in 1821.

  • 1814 Henry Loraine BAKER 18/03/1814, convoy to the West Indies.
    Between 20 and 31 August 1814, carrying dispatches from Sir Alexander COCHRANE, FAIRY had to fight her way up the Potomac to reach Captain Alexander GORDON who two days before had received the capitulation of Alexandria.
    (see DEVASTATION) This confirmed that the Americans were bringing up forces to oppose the return of his squadron which consisted of SEAHORSE (38); EURYALUS (36); DEVESTATION, AETNA, METEOR and EREBUS plus 21 captured American vessels.
    All these ships had to be warped downstream against contrary winds.
    During a delay caused by DEVASTATION grounding the Americans launched an unsuccessful attack with fire-vessels.
    Meanwhile FAIRY and METEOR maintained fire on an enemy battery which, despite their efforts, was increased from five to eleven guns.
  • On 3 September the wind changed to the N. W. and AETNA and EREBUS came down to their assistance with the frigates and prizes following on the 4th.
    The frigates anchored within a musket shot of the battery and proceeded to silence it while the prizes were passed downstream to the next battery where the guns of FAIRY had the most decisive effect.
    At daylight on the 6th. all the British ships moved down the river without further opposition.
    In the whole operation in the Potomac only 7 lost their lives, including Charles DICKINSON the second lieutenant of FAIRY.
  • 1815 West Indies. She took part in the reduction of Guadeloupe in August 1815.
  • 1816-18 Plymouth.

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