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EXERTION Gun-brig Built in 1805.
Lost in 1811.

  • 1805 Lieut. KEVERN, off Boulogne.
  • 1807 Lieut. Robert FORBES, Downs.
    When he was returning from Heligoland on 20 October 1808 and was about 70 miles west of that island, Capt. FORBES came across a French cutter in the act of taking a British brig, the PERSEVERANCE of Barmouth.
    By hoisting a Danish flag he was able to approach the privateer close enough to capture her. She was the JENA, pierced for 14 guns but with only 10 mounted, two, four and eight pounders, with a crew of 29 men. She had been.
    fitted out at Amsterdam and had sailed the previous day without making any captures, although the gales of recent days would have provided easy pickings if she had not been taken.
    Capt. FORBES convoyed the PERSEVERANCE to Heligoland, her destination before her encounter with the privateer.
  • 1811 Lieut. OLIPHANT, North Sea.
    In August 1811 EXERTION was serving with the Heligoland squadron under Admiral YOUNG and on the 3rd. an attack was made by some of the boats of the squadron on four French gunboats near the island of Nordeney.
    The boats were from ALERT, RAVEN, QUEBEC, REDBREAST, PRINCESS AUGUSTA and EXERTION (sub lieutenant Thomas HARE) and were under the direction of Lieut. Samuel BLYTH of QUEBEC.
    The enemy was waiting for them with guns ready loaded with grape and canister and when the boats came within pistol range they opened fire together along the line.
    The first gunboat was immediately boarded and carried but the others put up a much stronger resistance before they were captured.
    The loss on the British side was 4 killed and 14 wounded.
    EXERTION had no casualties.
  • 1812 Lieut. James MURRAY, North Sea.
    A French lugger carrying one 12-pounder and a crew of 47 men was captured on 11 May 1812 by the boats of EXERTION and PINCHER after she had run ashore near Cuxhaven.
  • EXERTION grounded and was destroyed in the Elbe on 8 July 1812.

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