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EUROTAS (38) Built in 1813, Blackwall.
Broken up in 1817.

  • Capt. John PHILLIMORE, 05/1813, was her first commander. She was armed with twenty-eight of Congreve's experimental 24-pounders, sixteen carronades and two long 9-pounders and had a complement of 320 officers, men and boys.
  • On 21 February 1814 EUROTAS parted company with RIPPON in chase of a vessel which proved to be a Swedish merchantman.
    Four days later, about 250 miles south of Cape Clear, she gave chase to an enemy frigate, the CLORINDE, armed with twenty-eight long 18-pounders and fourteen carronades.
    Having what wind there was, she was able to pass under the enemy stern at 5 o'clock in the evening and start a close action.
    The French broadside shot away her mizzen mast as she moved towards the bow and this lying on the quarter prevented them from laying the enemy on board.
  • EUROTAS raked CLORINDE again and then the two ships lay broadside to broadside.
    Soon EUROTAS was completely dismasted and CLORINDE had only her foremast standing but this enabled her to use her foresail to get out of range.
    EUROTAS had 20 men killed including two midshipmen, Messrs. Jeremiah SPURKING and Charles GREENWAY, and 40 wounded.
    Capt. PHILLIMORE was badly wounded by grape-shot in the shoulder early in the action but refused assistance from Mr JONES, the surgeon, and remained on deck.
    Immediately the two ships separated the crew started to clear the decks and rig jury masts ready to continue the action at daylight.
    The next morning Lieut. SMITH reported that the decks were clear and that they were rapidly gaining on the enemy but to their mortification the French frigate surrendered when DRYAD and ACHATES appeared in sight.
    EUROTAS returned to Plymouth on 1 March.
  • 1815 (Jan.) Capt. Robert BOYLE (act.), cruising in Channel.
    (April) Capt. John BOWLES, Cork.
    In July Capt. James LILLICRAP.
    EUROTAS was lying in Plymouth sound when Napoleon arrived in the BELLEROPHON and Capt. LILLICRAP was ordered to to take station as close as possible to prevent spectators approaching.
    He was also placed in charge of all the boats of the squadron used as guard-boats.
    On 6 August the squadron assembled off Berry Head and the following day Napoleon moved to NORTHUMBERLAND.
    After returning to Plymouth EUROTAS took several officers from Napoleon's suite on board on the 17th. and sailed with them to Malta where he delivered them on 19 September. She was paid off on her return.

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