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ETHALION (38) Built in 1797, Harwich.
Wrecked in 1799.

  • 1799 Capt J. Young, 02/1799.
    On 17 October, after a running fight of an hour, he captured the Spanish frigate THETIS (36) from Vera Cruz with specie valued at 1,411,256 dollars and a cargo of cocoa.
    Her consort, the SANTA MARIA (36) was captured by by NAIAD, ALCMENE and TRITON the following morning.
  • 1799 Capt. John Clarke SEARLE.
    ETHALION was stationed off the Saintes as one of the line of cruisers watching the enemy ports.
    On 18 December 1799 ETHALION, FISGARD and SYLPH were driven off the coast by a gale.
    ETHALION managed to get back by the 24th. to reconnoitre the position of the French fleet but, during the night, was unable to wear clear of rocks which suddenly appeared ahead.
    Capt. SEARLE set the pumps to work, and had the boats put out.
    The guns were thrown overboard and every effort made to get the ship off.
    When the stern post was knocked off distress signals were made to SYLPH and at daylight the boats of SYLPH, DANAE and NIMROD assisted in getting out all her people.
    When they were all clear the first lieutenant set fire to the remains.
  • Capt. SEARLE, his officers and crew were tried before a court martial on board the CAMBRIDGE flagship in the Hamoaze on 10 January 1800.
    They were honourably acquitted, the accident being due to unusual tides against which the skill and zeal of the officers and ship's company were unavailing.
  • On 14 January 1800 the prize money due to ETHALION and other frigates for the dollars taken on board the Spanish galleons near Ferrol on 16 and 17 October 1799 was paid out.
    Captains received 40,730 pounds and seamen 182 pounds.

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