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ESPOIR Taken on 10 September 1797 by Captain Lord Henry PAULET in THALIA (36) in the Mediterranean.
Sold in 1804.

  • 1798 L. O. BLAND, Mediterranean.
    Took the Genoese LIGURIA (26), on 7 August and the cutter FULMINANTE (8), in October 1798.
    When he handed over command he reported that he considered ESPOIR to be unseaworthy.
  • 1799 James SANDERS, Lisbon.
    On 22 February 1799 ESPOIR, some 9 miles off Marbella, sighted a brig and two xebecs. She engaged and captured one of the xebecs while the other two vessels stood inshore and anchored. The prize proved to be the Spanish AFRICA, armed with fourteen long 4-pounders and four brass swivels of the same size, and bound for Malagar from Algosamus. The Spanish losses were 1 officer and 8 others killed and the captain, Josepho Subjado, 2 officers and 25 others wounded. ESPOIR lost 2 killed and 2 wounded.
  • On 12 May ESPOIR arrived at Palermo with the news that the French fleet had been seen off Oporto on their way to the Mediterranean.
    In June she was off Cape delle Melle with Lord Keith's fleet and took part in a chase although her larboard side had been stove in by the EMERALD frigate running foul of her during the night.
  • ESPOIR paid off at Sheerness in December 1799 and when she was taken into dock several feet of her counter fell out when the copper was removed, bearing out BLAND's comments a year earlier.

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