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EREBUS (12) Bomb Built in 1826, Deptford.
Fitted with engine and lifting propeller in 1845.
Abandoned in 1848.

  • 1827 George HAYE, 12/1827, Plymouth.
  • 1829 Philip BROKE, 07/1828, Mediterranean.
    Paid off in July 1830.
  • 1831 Portsmouth.
  • 1839 Captain James Clark ROSS, 04/1839.
    In company with TERROR, ROSS (the nephew of Sir John ROSS) sailed for the Kerguelen Islands which are equidistant between Australia and the Cape at 48deg S. to observe the earth's magnetism.
    He then sailed south and crossed the Antarctic Circle on 1 January 1841 into what is now the Ross Sea.
    Four days later he encountered ice which took 5 days to cross before reaching land which he claimed for the crown as Victoria Land He saw mountain ranges beyond the ice barrier (the Ross Ice Shelf) and named two high volcanoes after his two ships.
    ROSS then surveyed the South Shetlands, returning to Britain 1843.
  • 1844 Woolwich.
  • 1845 James FITZJAMES, 03/1845, Sir John FRANKLIN's expedition to find the N. W. Passage.
    EREBUS and TERROR sailed in May, wintered at Beechey Is.
    and then set off along Peel Sound in the spring of 1846 and disappeared into the ice pack.
    The two vessels were abandoned in the ice 22 April 1848 and the 129 members of his party died from cold and starvation as they crossed the ice pack on foot during 1848.
    They could probably have remained safely on board living on hunting and fishing until rescue arrived.
  • Only traces of the expedition were found by later search parties.

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