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EPERVIER Taken in the Atlantic by EGYPTIENNE on 27 July 1803.
Broken up in 1811.

  • John IMPEY, Leeward Is.
    Six miles south of Crab Is.
    on 26 January 1805 he went in chase of a strange sail to the southward and captured a French privateer schooner ELIZABETH from Marie Galante. She was armed with four carriage guns and small arms.
    One of her crew of 34 was killed in the action.
    The schooner had already taken a sloop from Tortola and sent her into St. Thomas.
    On 25 May the Spanish schooner CASUALIDAD was captured while taking a cargo of cocoa from Puerto Cavello to Old Spain.
  • On 6 February 1806 EPERVIER was with the squadron under Vice Ad, Sir John DUCKWORTH in SUPERB which took or destroyed five sail of the line off San Domingo.
  • 1807 John BOWKER of SAN JOSEPH was promoted from Lieutenant to the command of EPERVIER in April 1807 in the Leeward Is.
    Due to ill health he was obliged to give up his command and return home in February 1808.
  • 1808 Thomas Tudor TUCKER (from CURIEUX) until December 18008 when he removed to CHERUB taking most of his officers and all his crew with him.

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