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ENCOUNTER (14) Gun-brig Built in 1805, Northam.
Lost in 1812.

  • 1805 Lieut. James Hugh TALBOT, Portsmouth.
    In December 1806 she was with Rear-Ad. STIRLING's squadron in the River Plate.
    Guns were landed to assist the army in the siege of Monte Video and at times fourteen hundred men were on shore every day.
    Able seaman Richard MANN of ENCOUNTER was badly wounded while serving with the batteries.
    Monte Video fell on 3 February 1807.
  • On 11-12 April 1809 she took part in Lord GAMBIER's great attack on the French vessels in the Basque Roads.
    When the French OCEAN, REGULUS and INDIENNE grounded at the entrance to the Charente while avoiding fireships, ENCOUNTER along with the other gunbrigs and a bomb anchored and fired on them for five hours until a falling tide forced them to retire.
  • 1811 Ditto, Cadiz.
    On 11 July 1812 she was taken by the enemy during an an attempt to cut out some vessels at San Lucar, Spain.

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