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EGYPTIENNE (40) Taken at the capitulation of Alexandria on 2 September 1801.
Sold in 1817.

  • 1803 Capt. Hon C. E. FLEMING, fitting out at Chatham.
    On 22 July 1805 the frigates EGYPTIENNE and SYRIUS were with Vice Ad. Sir Robert CALDER's fleet of 15 sail-of-the-line off Cape Finisterre when he encountered the combined fleets of France and Spain with 00 sail of-the-line, three 50-gun ships armed en flute and five frigates.
  • The Admiral immediately stood towards the enemy and attacked the centre.
    Two French ships, St. RAFAEL and FIRME, were captured but at times the fog was so thick that the ship ahead or astern was barely visible and he found it impossible to make the necessary signals for a more complete victory.
  • On 24 December LOIRE, Capt. MAITLAND, and EGYPTIENNE, then commanded by Lieut. P. C. HANDFIELD, captured the French frigate LIBRE off Rochefort after an action lasting half an hour.
    LIBRE, Capt. Descorches, had sailed from Flushing on 14 November and mounted twenty-four 18-pounders on the main deck, six 36-pounder carronades and ten 9-pounder guns on the quarter-deck and forecastle with a complement of 280 men. She lost 20 men killed and wounded and all her masts went overboard soon after she surrendered.
    The LOIRE took the prize in tow and EGYPTIENNE parted from them the following day.
  • EGYPTIENNE lost William THINN, seaman, who was mortally wounded.
    The other wounded were Mr Thomas ROBINSON, boatswain; John STRUTTON, quarter-master; John WILLIAMS,John DAVIS, Thomas LUCAS, seamen, and James M'GUIRE and James EVANS, royal marines.
  • 1806 Capt. Charles PAGET.
    On the night of 8 March the boats of EGYPTIENNE, commanded by Lieut. HANDFIELD assisted by Lieuts. Alleyn and Garthwaite of the marines, cut out the ALCIDE of Bordeaux, a frigate built French privateer, from under two batteries in the harbour of Muros where she was fitting out for sea.
    Pierced for 38 guns on the main deck and 10 guns on the quarter-deck and forecastle, she was only two years old and normally carried a crew of 240 men.
    Capt. PAGET sent the prize into Plymouth.
  • Mr HANDFIELD, not having received any official communication of his promotion prior to sailing, had volunteered to remain the ship as first lieutenant.
  • 1811 Receiving Ship in the Hamoaze.

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