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EGMONT (74) Built in 1810, Northfleet.
Hulk in 1862.

  • 1811 Capt. Joseph BINGHAM, off Cherbourg.
    On 17 March Wellington wrote to Rear Ad. PENROSE at Passages asking him to take his squadron into the Gironde because the allied forces were advancing on Toulouse.
    Unfavourable winds prevented the admiral from getting out of Passages until the 24th. and on the 27th., with EGMONT as his flagship, he entered the Gironde with ANDROMACHE, BELLE POULE, PORCUPINE, VESUVIUS, CHALLENGER, PODARGUS, MARTIAL and DWARF.
    It was the first time that a line-of-battle ship had entered the river with all her guns and stores on board and, since no one else was acquainted with the navigation, Rear Ad. PENROSE stood on the poop with the chart spread before him and acted as his own pilot.
    A French battery at the Pointe de la Coubre on the northern bank opened fire as they passed.
    The REGULUS (74) SANS SOUCI, two brigs and other French vessels, which were at anchor off Royan at the mouth of the Gironde, ran 8 miles up river as the British force approached and took shelter behind the shoal off Talmont.
    The British were fired on by successive batteries along the north shore as they pursued them.
    Over the next few days the smaller vessels of the British squadron sailed up as far as Paulliac and, on 2 April, destroyed or captured a French flotilla of two brigs and 13 other small vessels coming down stream towards Talmont.
    On the evening of the 5th. the boats were sent to land a force to attack Fort Talmont while EGMONT took advantage of a high water to run over the shoal to attack the REGULUS.
    At midnight, as she was about to come alongside, the French ships were seen to be on fire and they continued to burn until sunrise.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Portsmouth

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