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EDINBURGH (74) Built in 1811, Rotherhithe.
Screw ship in 1846.
Sold in 1865.

  • 1811 Capt. Robert ROLLES, Mediterranean
  • 1813 Capt. G. H.L.
    DUNDAS, Mediterranean.
    On the morning of 5 October 1813 EDINBURGH joined Capt. DUNCAN of IMPERIEUSE off D'Anzo where he and RESISTANCE, SWALLOW, ECLAIR and PYLADES had been watching a convoy for some days with the intention of attacking it.
    The place was defended by two batteries mounting three heavy guns each on the mole, a tower with one gun and a battery with two guns.
    During the attack in the afternoon EDINBURGH supported ECLAIR and PYLADES as they bore up against the battery to the southward.
    After the ships opened fire landing parties brought out the 29 vessels of the convoy, 20 of which were laden with wood for the arsenal at Toulon.
    All the works were blown up.
  • On 30 November 1813 EDINBURGH, FURIEUSE and MERMAID embarked 1,000 men of the Italian levy at Melazzo and, joined by AMERICA and TEMAGANT they sailed the same evening and, accompanied by ARMADA and IMPERIEUSE, landed them at Via Reggio.
    The troops were attacked by some 600 cavalry and infantry from the Leghorn garrison, but routed them, capturing two field pieces and a howitzer.
    From the prisoners they learnt of the weak state of the garrison and asked to be re-embarked to be taken to Leghorn.
    They were towed off the shore in country vessels by the boats of the squadron and the whole were towed by the ships to the Leghorn Roads.
    The troops and Marines were landed on the evening of the 13th. and they occupied the suburbs of the town.
    The marines were attacked by 700 cavalry and infantry.
    They opened to let the cavalry pass through them, killing all but 14 and 2 officers.
    Of these all but one officer were killed by the Italian levy.
    The marines charged and routed the remainder, killing, wounding or taking prisoner between 250 and 300.
    EDINBURGH had three marines wounded: Emanuel Key, dangerously; Richard Wilson, severely; Christopher Robson, slightly.
  • At the end of April 1814 EDINBURGH and SWALLOW accompanied the troops as they advanced along the coast in the Gulf of Spezia.
    Capt. DUNDAS landed marines and strong parties of seamen who manhandled three batteries consisting of six 18-pounders on the heights above the fortress of Santa Maria near Spezzia.
    Preparations were being made to storm it when the enemy showed a flag of truce and surrendered on 30 March.
    EDINBURGH had the only casualties, one seaman killed and two wounded.
  • EDINBURGH was converted to a steam block-ship at Portsmouth between 11 August 1846 and 19 August 18 1852.
    Her engines were by Maudslay.
    On her trials in Stokes Bay on 25 July 1852 962 hp. gave 8.873 knots.
    Capt. Richard S. Hewlett, 2 February 1854. She served in the Baltic fleet 1854-6, returned to Portsmouth and was sold in the latter year.

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